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Maison kala historia

The history of Maison Kala

Hi, I'm Tom, the founder and designer of Maison Kala,

the story behind Maison Kala is very personal.
It's about finding the courage to do what you really want and love. After years working in marketing, I decided with my wife to dare to do what we love the most and what I have dreamed of doing since I was a child: creating jewelry that I hope will help many women feel beautiful and feminine.

French in origin, Maison Kala emerges as a unique and inspiring jewelry brand, a blend of art, heritage and passion for colors. Founded by a couple who shared Kala as a surname, Maison Kala's journey began with a clear objective: to create enamel bracelets that broke with the norms of traditional jewelry.

Driven by a love of art and a desire to make people feel at ease while wearing their accessories, Maison Kala celebrates individuality and self-expression. Each enamel bracelet crafted by our expert artisans embodies the essence of personal style and storytelling, moving away from the monotony of mass-produced jewelry.

At Maison Kala, the process of creating these masterpieces is an art in itself. The enamel is applied in delicate layers and each stroke is an expression of passion and precision. Thanks to this dedication, our bracelets become more than mere adornments: they become precious mementos of special moments, dreams and a sense of belonging.

Our vision goes beyond creating extraordinary enamel bracelets; it's about allowing you to embrace your uniqueness. We pride ourselves in offering a wide range of designs to suit all tastes, from bold and vibrant designs to elegant and subtle shades.

Enter the world of Maison Kala, where creativity has no limits and where our jewelry is a gateway to colors and dreams. Join us on this artistic journey where we redefine the very essence of enamel bracelets, making jewelry the gateway to colors and dreams.
Thank you very much for taking the time to read our story. I sincerely hope you enjoy our jewelry. Feel free to send us a message at support@maisonkala.com if you have any special wishes or suggestions, we are constantly working to improve and take ideas seriously!
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